The underachiever is a group that has frustrated many teachers for years, including myself. These kids are fully capable of being high-scorers, but they don’t want to put in the effort. They understand things well in class, but don’t seem to do what’s needed to build their knowledge at home.

They may start to get confused, but rather than admit they don’t understand something, would prefer to just squeak by and blame their lack of effort on their mediocre performance. Often times, these kids are afraid to take risks. The big fear is that, if they do decide to work as hard as they can on something they don’t understand, and still not understand it, they have to face the fact that they’re not as brilliant as they thought they were. These kids probably got through their previous school years with ease, but they’ve hit the proverbial “wall.” Things aren’t as easy as they used to be, and now they’re worried about losing that “smart” label.

What these kids need is a safety net. They need a way to have extra help on their own time so they have a better chance of succeeding and are willing to take the risk of effort. That’s exactly what this site provides. No one has to admit they didn’t understand something the first time; all they have to do is rewind. This way, things can come easily again.  They can start taking risks again, because they know that if they fall, these videos will be their safety net!

I truly believe this site could allow for some HUGE gains with this group of kids.  All they need is that little boost to kick-start them back to their full potential!