The low performer typically has a history of poor performance. For a number of reasons, they have not done well in a school environment recently.  Because of this, they come into a new school year expecting the same results, so they won’t bother wasting effort because they don’t think it would help. This is what’s considered a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” Because you expect to fail, you will, and all it’ll teach you is to expect to fail again and again.

But you can stop this cycle and do something about it. More than likely, you’ve been unsuccessful in the past because it takes you a bit longer to learn new things, or you have a hard time learning multiple things at once. Your teacher may have no choice but to work at a fast pace, but with this site, you do! With my lectures, you can pause, rewind, or split up the lectures however you’d like, giving you the chance to learn at your own pace and still be ready for that test!

Imagine walking into your Bio class with the confidence and assurance that you’ll understand exactly what’s going on!  If you’re working in groups, imagine being a leader of that group because you know exactly how to complete the task!  This feeling is addictive, and I promise that, once you feel it once, a fire will start burning within you that will never go out!