If you’re attending a school in one of these local districts, or you’re a parent of one such student, you know all too well how competitive it is to keep a high rank and GPA within each campus. At the highest level, the slightest advantage can be enough to ensure that 97. This site offers something that most teachers do not; a chance to get ahead!

You will have access to the key topics and understandings of a unit well before it’s covered in class. Can you imagine the advantage you’d have if you already had a clear understanding of a unit while your peers are under the pressure of learning it for the first time? While they’re learning, you have the chance to apply what you know and build a deeper understanding and appreciation for the topic.

My previous students have expressed to me that these videos make studying a significantly easier task.  If you take the time to watch any video before it’s applied in your classroom, you’ll have the opportunity to truly understand and appreciate what you’re learning, rather than just be focused on writing every word that’s on the screen or that your teacher is saying.

This kind of deep application of knowledge moves the information from your short-term memory to your long-term retention.  That means, if you do this right, you don’t really need to study, anymore.  Plus, when the semester exam or Biology STAAR comes around, you’ll be amazed at how much you still, not only remember, but thoroughly understand!  You may not love Biology by the end of this year, but with my help, you’ll definitely appreciate it!