My Philosophy

Hi guys.  My name is Ramy Mahmoud.  I have taught in the same public school district in Collin County for 8 years. Throughout this time, I’ve had the chance to work with all kinds of unique students. Although they all come in with unique backgrounds, I’ve come to recognize common problems when it comes to students falling behind or not performing well on tests.

A teacher has the very difficult task of working at the ideal pace for every one of their 150+ students. Of course, not everyone learns the same way, or at the same pace. The teacher is then left to try to find a pace that would accommodate the most students possible. Unfortunately, if a student can’t quite keep up, he/she starts to fall behind.

Local school districts commit themselves to hiring only the best teachers, so those teachers will do whatever they can to work with all kids individually, but there are only so many hours in the day. When teacher tutorials aren’t enough, it’s up to the kids to do what they can at home to be successful.

So here you are, sitting in front of your computer at home, wondering what you can do to make sure you know what’s going on in class. Before this site, your best bet was to search the topic online or to search youtube for random videos explaining things. The problem with this is you never know about the information you’re receiving. Either it’s way too detailed and confusing, or it’s too simple and from a site or lecturer that has nothing to do with local school districts’ curricula.

With this site, you know you’re getting exactly what you need, with emphasis on the right things! Because I am a current, practicing Biology teacher and curriculum writer for my district, I know exactly what you need to know for each unit, but more importantly, I know exactly where your teachers are leading you later in the year and use this knowledge to help you make those future connections!

So what kind of students could benefit from this site? The answer is, all of them. Although all kids are unique, I think there are generally 3 types of students: The low-performer, the underachiever, and the high-scorer. Let’s talk a bit about each one: